talent aquisitiOn

A Boutique firm, we believe in spending quality time with our client organizations to understand the perspective for their hiring activity. This enables us to add value to the recruitment process.

Our consultants go through a rigorous on-the-job training to do research on organisations across various domains and ascertain the availability of talent. They also learn effective techniques to headhunt talent at appropriate levels.

We offer various models to our clients to choose from – Contingency Search, Executive Search, Retained Search, RPO, Outplacement, Guaranteed Delivery, etc.

Our success in delivering talent to our clients over the last 20 years is a proof of the models that we deploy. This has inspired faith in our clients for us to achieve an average relationship of 12 years with our clients.

We have successfully delivered on finding talent for difficult and niche requirements for our clients.

We engage with our candidates to delve deeper into their thoughts and aspirations to find suitable career options.

Some of the areas, which remain a concern, are Business Continuity, Retention of Outsourced Staff, a Flexible, Modular and Upgradeable solution, Value Addition from Contract Staffing Partners and Legal Compliance and Employee Liability. Spectrum’s approach to the business looks at these concerns and attempts to arrive at process solutions to address them.

Our approach to building a solution begins with understanding our client’s business. We discuss business and output requirements with our clients and work out a solution to meet these requirements. We apply processes and systems to give the best Augmented Workforce solution. It is a constant endeavor at Spectrum to try and learn from industry best practices and adapt them to our specific solutions. Our Augmented Workforce Solution goes beyond just giving a “resource”.

Our 20 years of experience working on technology and product requirements ensures quick closures for our clients.

A robust employee engagement and benefits program coupled with continuous contact ensures Consultant continuity. Over 10% of our team has a vintage of more than 5 years.

Our Customized solutions along with the above maximizes returns for our clients.

Some of the concern areas in Contract Staffing are addressed by creating a Professional Work Environment at Spectrum. This has enabled us to build systems and processes to create a sense of belonging in the outsourced team member.

Our Relocation Advisory services are based on our experience of handling relocation over 10 years for over 100 expats from diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

Each company and visa applicant is unique, and in recognizing the meticulous attention required to meet these characteristics, a Consultant becomes a dedicated primary contact to consult with and guide an Expat Employee. We tailor an appropriate program that is sufficiently flexible to meet corporate and individual requirements.

Our services include On Call Consultations, FRRO Registration, PIO / OCI Cards applications, Visa Extentions, Address Changes, Cultural & Geographical Orientation, and help with Housing, education, Domestic Travel etc

India has the third largest pool of technical manpower in the world and majority of this emerges from world class educational institutes.

We have access to and enjoy a decent relationship with, many premier technology schools. We also have done extensive research on the availability of talent pool in various technical and non-technical schools across India.

Our services include Pre Campus, On Campus, Post Campus and Off Campus activities.