Staffing Solutions To Suit Your Requirements

Permanent Staffing

Permanent Staffing services include Executive Search, Talent Mapping, Campus Hiring, Contingent Hiring and Outplacement.

Our expertise in recruiting qualified, professional, and skilled employees is spread across a wide range of specialized domains like Semiconductor, Storage, Data Analytics, AI/ML, Enterprise Application Development and Telecom and Datacom Technologies.

We believe in spending quality time with our client organizations to understand their perspectives, and work through the process till the candidate is onboarded.

We dedicate our time to meet our candidates to understand their career aspirations and connect them with the available opportunities. Through quality assessment and mentoring, we match the best resources with the finest companies.

Our expertise in understanding technology has enabled us to find talents for niche requirements successfully.

Contract Staffing

Some of the areas which remain a concern are business continuity, flexible solutions, and legal compliance. Spectrum’s approach to the business looks at these concerns and attempts to arrive at process solutions to address them.

We work across domains to provide results for white-collar technical and non-technical requirements.

Through dedicated account managers, productivity enhancement tools and employee engagement we ensure our contract staff members are treated as assets.

Contract Staffing services include Sourcing Assistance, Induction Support, Contract Staffing and Administration, Payroll Outsourcing, Expat Relocation and Process Outsourcing.

Campus Recruitment

Campus Recruitment services include Pre-campus, On-campus, Post-campus and Off-campus activities.

India has the third-largest pool of technical manpower in the world and majority of this emerges from world-class educational institutes.

We have done extensive research on the availability of talent pools both in technical and non-technical institutions, and have executed multiple entry-level hiring projects from premium technical schools over the years.

Data Annotation

Data preparation and engineering tasks consume 80% of most AI and Machine Learning projects.

Object/image recognition, autonomous vehicles, text and image annotation are the most common workloads for data labelling efforts. This is a labour-intensive activity, and trained resources are the need of the hour.

Spectrum has been engaged in providing manpower across skills and levels for data annotation projects since 2016. The Spectrum annotation team has grown from 3 members to 1400 at its peak. We hold the advantage of working with market leaders engaged in quality work, easy access to trained annotators, QA resources, operations and support team.