Some of the areas, which remain a concern, are Business Continuity, Retention of Outsourced Staff, Value Addition from Contract Staffing Partners, a Flexible, Modular and Upgradeable solution, also Legal Compliance and Employee Liability.

Spectrum’s approach to the business looks at these concerns and attempts to arrive at process solutions to address them.

Our approach to building a solution begins with understanding our client’s business. We discuss business and output requirements with our clients and work out a solution to meet these requirements. We apply processes and systems to give the best Augmented Workforce solution. It is a constant endeavour at Spectrum to try and learn from industry best practices and adapt them to our specific solutions. Our Augmented Workforce Solution goes beyond just giving a “resource”.

A robust employee engagement and benefits program coupled with continuous contact ensures Consultant continuity. Over 10% of our team has a vintage of more than 5 years. Some of the concern areas in Contract Staffing are addressed by creating a Professional Work Environment at Spectrum. This has enabled us to build systems and processes to create a sense of belonging in the outsourced team member.

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